50 Years of CaringMemorialCare Saddleback Medical Center is continually honored for exceptional medical expertise that offers high-quality, compassionate care for patients and families at every stage of their lives. In 2024, we are celebrating 50 years of caring for the Orange County community.

Over the last five decades, the local community has entrusted us with care during pivotal moments — welcoming a new life, undergoing complex surgeries, or keeping them healthy from infancy through their golden years. We’re committed to serving patients with compassionate care for the next 50 years and beyond.

Our centers of excellence are renowned for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer, heart disease, stroke, pulmonary disease and orthopedics; and for our leadership in emergency medicine, breast health, age-friendly care, and surgery, including robotic-assisted procedures, advanced imaging, neurosurgery and women’s health.

50 Years of Caring

SBMC 1974


Saddleback Community Hospital opens with 146 beds.

SBMC 1974


Cardiac catheterization lab opens.

SBMC 2005


The Women’s Hospital delivers opens. (Photo from 2005)

SBMC 2011


MemorialCare Cancer Institute launches.

SBMC 2021


Heart Institute and Wellness Center opens. (Photo from 2021)

SBMC 2021


Meiklejohn Critical Care Pavilion opens. (Photo from 2021)

SBMC 2021


Hybrid operating suite opens. (Photo from 2021)

LDR Suite


Birthing suites in The Women’s Hospital renovated.

SBMC Breast Center


Sarah & Taylor Nederlander Breast Center opens in the new Women’s Health Pavilion.

Personalized Midwifery Care

We’ve expanded our midwifery care with the addition of certified nurse midwives, who deliver babies exclusively at Saddleback Medical Center. Our midwife philosophy emphasizes comprehensive prenatal support, education, and counseling. We empower women to make informed choices, ensuring they have the best possible birth experience and the autonomy to decide what feels most natural to them.

Institutes and Centers



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