About Me

“My interest in the field of allergy began in the early 1980s when the awakening field of immunology provided an understanding of the causes of many allergic diseases. I had previously had several years of training in family medicine and pediatrics in the US Air Force and in the US Public Health Services, but I wanted to enhance my knowledge of the exciting new field of immunology and allergy. I completed a fellowship in this specialty at UCLA in 1985 and opened an office in private practice in Orange County thereafter. I have been active in local and state allergy societies over the years and most recently have served as president of the California Society of Allergy and Immunology (2009). For 25 years I have been an associate clinical professor at UCI teaching residents and fellows in the department of allergy-immunology."



Provider Specialty

Allergy & Immunology, Allergy & Immunology - Pediatric



Childrens Hospital of Northern California, Oakland


Kaiser Permanente Hospital, Oakland


San Bernardino County General Hospital

Medical School

University of Maryland School of Medicine