You may have received confusing, and unfortunately, misleading information from Hoag about its relationship with GNP and your ability to access various Hoag services.

Let us clarify the facts. We want to relieve your concern with information that is factual and supportive. We’ve provided exceptional care to our community for more than 35 years and we aren’t going to turn our backs on you now.

While it is true there are some changes to our agreement with Hoag, nearly all services will still be available to you and for the few that aren’t we have you covered. Don’t worry, you can keep your GNP doctor and still have access to Hoag for all inpatient hospital care (elective and emergency), labor & delivery, prenatal care, emergency care and certain outpatient services.

You can still see a Hoag-based specialist and should the need arise, get inpatient care at Hoag. You don’t need to take any action or change your plan at all.

Having a long-term relationship with a PCP helps you stay healthier and keeps your medical costs down. A PCP can help teach you habits to keep you healthier, and their special knowledge of your specific health care needs allows them to track and manage any conditions effectively over time. We are surprised that Hoag Hospital would insinuate that it is in your best interest to disrupt this critical relationship.

We are here to help you understand what this means. If you have any questions, please call us at (800) 553-6537 or speak to your GNP primary care physician.


I received a mailer from Hoag, saying I need to change my primary care provider if I’m a HMO or Medicare Advantage member – is this true?

No, this is absolutely not true. If you call the phone number listed, they will say you can only access emergency services – this is misleading and frankly, wrong. You will still have access to most of Hoag’s services. We recommend you keep your GNP physician for the continuity and quality care you have always had with us. No changes need to happen. We are sorry that Hoag is causing undue distress for our patients.

Is Hoag going to deny access to its services for GNP patients?

No. While an agreement for certain auxiliary services between GNP and Hoag is undergoing some changes, you will still have access to Hoag facilities – including inpatient care, surgeries, deliveries/maternity care, and certain elective outpatient services. Your health plan determines where you receive your hospital-based care, not Hoag. 

What exactly is changing with the GNP/Hoag relationship?

GNP has already been shifting outpatient services away from hospital settings. It’s more convenient for the patient and ensures healthcare is delivered conveniently, timely, and cost-effectively with exceptional service in the highest quality. Outpatient lab, physical therapy, imaging/mammography, radiation oncology and select outpatient testing at Hoag will no longer be accessible. But there are many options for premier health services throughout Orange County through MemorialCare. Call us at 1-800-553-6537 and we can help you schedule or find a location near you.

What happens to me now that I’m in the middle of radiation oncology treatment and this contract is expiring before my treatment is over?

GNP will continue to honor all radiation oncology treatment cycles for patients currently in active treatment with Hoag. As patients begin new treatment cycles, radiation oncology services will be shifted to MemorialCare, offering leading radiation oncology treatments and recognized nationally for exceptional quality and service.

Will I get to keep my GNP primary care doctor if I switch over to Hoag’s health plan?

No, your physician in the GNP network will stay with GNP. If you choose to switch to Hoag’s Medical Group or IPA, you will have to choose one of their primary care doctors in their network. If you don’t want to lose your doctor, stay with GNP, you will still get the same level of service and care as you’ve received in the past. 

Will I get to keep my Hoag-based specialist?

Yes. The Hoag-based specialists, along with all other specialists, are contracted directly with GNP. As a GNP member you will still have access to the specialists you currently have. 

What are the benefits of staying with GNP?

GNP is consistently rated as one of the top medical groups in the state and has a 35-year history of providing quality of care, access, and patient experience. GNP physicians are some of the best in the country and are regional leaders in healthcare. Continuity with your primary care physician is important to your good health. He or she knows your health history. Switching primary care physicians is disruptive to your healthcare. 

Does this change impact PPO patients?

No, this only impacts patients who have an HMO or Medicare Advantage plan. PPO patients will still have access to any outpatient service, physician, or hospital where they want to receive care.

Questions? Call us at 1-800-553-6537.