Diabetes can be extremely difficult to control.

Unless diabetes is managed correctly, it can lead to life-altering or even fatal complications. Heart disease, kidney disease and peripheral arterial disease are among the most common risks, but diabetes has the potential to devastate every organ in the body, from eyes to intestines.

The GNP ACTIVE™ Diabetes Care Team is your partner in the fight.

Our talented multidisciplinary team includes a clinical pharmacist, a registered dietician, a case manager and a medical assistant. These top-notch professionals work side-by-side with you to design a program that gets you to your personal health goals. In addition, the ACTIVE™ Diabetes Program delivers:

  • One-on-one extended visits to help get your diabetes under control
  • Nutritional awareness about the importance of diet and making good choices
  • Active living guidance to highlight the benefits of exercise and activity
  • Help developing a balanced approach to health
  • Direction to help identify individual challenges to reaching personal health goals

Explore Greater Newport Physicians ACTIVE™ Diabetes Program to learn more about how we help patients with difficult to control diabetes reach their personal health goals.